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Upward Facing Dog

A little bit of Buster yoga to start off the day.

Contributed by Samantha Zilaitis


A bond that can't be broken

Contributed by Samantha Zilaitis

The Love They Give

People will tell you that dogs are just pets, but to some people they are life. This one right here, he was my life. He was my best friend. I was there when he was brought home and I was there when he died. He showed me that it truly is the little things in life that make your life worth while. No matter what was said or done, his tail was always wagging and always curled; even when he was in pain. He cared more about us, his family, then letting go of the pain. He is one of the strongest "people" I know. He taught that if you truly enjoy something in life and it is what you live for, to never let it go. I will always remember him.

Contributed by Teresa Donisi


Make love

Contributed by Abdul Mannan

Close enough

Close enough

Contributed by Abdul Mannan

Every gotten pranked by a friend? Me too, but never by a dog.

Contributed by Alyssa Abbs

With all the dogs I've walked, I notice they all take a preference to running while facing diagonally. I theorize the side they pick to turn to as they run is what side of the brain they are (left brained/right brained).

Contributed by Max Leveridge

snow dog

happy january

Contributed by Hayleigh Luza


I attend Broadview University for their Veterinary Technician and it's a dream come true. It may be a lot of money and a lot of hard work but it's worth it. The time I get to spend learning about caring for animals means to me that I could help save their life. It brings me such pride knowing I could help contribute to the life of animals that always give us their unconditional love.

Contributed by Shalayne Luke

This video is mind blowing!

Contributed by Pablo Perez