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Dog gaming

Django loves her some XBOX One.

Contributed by Katie Fernandez

Best Friends

Django and Buck are best buds. But Django runs this sh*t.

Contributed by Katie Fernandez

Django is boss

This is my German Shepherd Django. Dogs are awesome. Shepherds are the best.

Contributed by Katie Fernandez

This Adorable Photo of 2 Dogs Hugging Saved their Lives

These puppies named Kala and Keira were going to be put down if they weren't going to be rescued by the end of the day on Tuesday. Then a Georgia rescue pet charity called Angels Among Us posted a photo of the two in embrace and about 2 hours later the puppies were adopted by an unnamed vet.

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

Dogs will Snub People Mean to their Owners

In a recent study, researchers from Kyoto University in Japan performed an experiment that showed when dogs witnessed a stranger refusing to help their owner open a box they weren't as likely to accept treats from that person as opposed to a neutral person in the room.

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

Smiling Pitbull and other Dogs

Awww! That smile is so priceless. This and the other photos on this page can brighten up anyone's day.

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

I Eat Everything

My bulldog, she's rotten. I'm sure like everyone else's dog... EVERYTHING is for her to eat! lol

Contributed by Rebecca Elizabeth Couch


I hate it when they do this.

Contributed by Michaela Jaeger

My thoughts exactly! Love my pitty.

Contributed by Kaitlyn Brielle

Lazy Dogs

This is my dog right here.....

Contributed by Kindle Rickman