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2 Best Frenemies

In this photo I was able to capture 2 of my best friends: my younger sister of 7 years and the beloved family dog, Toby. Ironically enough, these 2 cannot get along well with each other for unknown reasons but just as this picture shows.. we can all come together on common ground. Nap time, at least.

Contributed by Vanessa Quilao


Contributed by Curtis Brown

This is my best friend of 13 years. She is half Saint Bernard and half Mastiff.

Contributed by Hayley Justine Abernathy

Adopting a dog can change lives. (:

Contributed by Grace Bloxom

Pomeranian Australian Shepard mix

Contributed by Alex Hartmann

Out of the mouths of babes...

Contributed by Alex Hartmann

When we love a dog, our heart becomes more like theirs.

Contributed by Alex Hartmann

...and so God made a dog.

Contributed by Alex Hartmann

So this is what an Alaskan flat tire looks like...

Contributed by Alex Hartmann

Look it looks so happy!!!!!

Contributed by Thuy-Mi Le