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How can you be mad at dogs that are that cute!

Contributed by Dom Harris

Alsatian dog drinking water in ultra slow motion

Contributed by Dom Harris

Cute moments

I like when animals show love to each other, even when they are different in size.

Contributed by Dom Harris

My Old Dog

He was very curious about the camera that was pointed towards him.

Contributed by Kearra Daye Harris

So cute

This is really what they say

Contributed by Meyanna RothschiLd

Dog & Deer

Ok. Seriously, heart officially melted.

Contributed by Elizabeth Ehmen

So Precious

Found this on buzz feed and I can't get over how unbelievably sweet it is :)

Contributed by Elizabeth Ehmen

Rescue Dog

Rescue dogs can be the sweetest dogs ever to be found

Contributed by Heather Ely

Puppy Dog Eyes

The most adorable yellow lab puppy I had the opportunity to work with. Needless to say, walking away with those puppy dog eyes staring you down is nearly impossible!

Contributed by Heather Ely

His name is Seven the Border Collie

Contributed by Nathalia Castro