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Doctor purposely misdiagnoses hundreds of patients

Dr. Farid Fata misdiagnosed patients with fatal illnesses such as cancer and treated many with extreme methods such as chemotherapy even though the patients had no cancer to begin with. Prosecutors claim that around 500 people received unnecessary treatment from Fata which equates to about 9,000 injections that cost millions and raked in plenty of money for Fata. This case truly makes me wonder how someone can get away with such a blatant crime. Perhaps our medical system has many regulations and standard procedures, but there certainly seems to be a lack of enforcement.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

Doctors Go Online for Medical Information too

On one hand, we turn to doctors to receive sound advice (often because we cannot trust the internet to diagnose us). On the other hand, the Internet holds a vast more amount of knowledge than what doctors can learn in their years at medical school. Either way, the reliability of medical knowledge due to actual experience is invaluable. The fact that doctors go online for medical information for disorders (esp. rare diseases) is likely not an omen of the crumbling of the medical industry or the rise of online diagnoses. It is likely simply a sign of change--the advancement of humans in literacy and access to technology.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

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