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How To Tie a Tie

This is a very helpful step by step picture on how to tie.

Contributed by Kaliyah Brown

This is an interesting little secret. This as private as your internet browsing can get as long as you actually feel like taking the time to do this.

Contributed by Joseph Perry

Pretty sweet DIY website

Contributed by Ashley Nichole Morris

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

You don't need to go to the store to buy yourself an ugly sweater! Make your own christmas sweater without paying more than $10

Contributed by Nina Pusateri

DIY Present...FOR yourself!

Sometimes it's hard to remember all of the awesome things that make each year of our lives so special. This is a great way to celebrate our past and be able to highlight on the positives, not the negatives. This would also be a great gift idea for couples! Or even family members!

Contributed by Nina Pusateri

DIY Steampunk Goggles.. this is easy to follow, and can actually be made just with stuff sitting around your house.

Contributed by Catherine Kellar

Informative blog post on DIY faucet installation... lots of pictures and helpful instruction.

Contributed by Catherine Kellar

DIY Christmas Light Cookies

Step by step directions via pictures to show how to make unique, christmas-themed cookies

Contributed by Nina Pusateri

Moss Grafiti

Imagine the possibilities

Contributed by Sarah Knowlton

DIY: Studded bra

Contributed by Evangeline Nguyen