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DIY Fabric Covered Switch Plate Tutorial

Fabric Covered Switch plate Supplies: Switch plate cover Small piece of fabric Plastic or something to cover your work surface Mod Podge Sponge brush for Mod Podge X-acto knife Scissors

Contributed by Karen Webb



I would love to do this unique DIY trick. It will save me some money too, not having to buy a brand new desk.

Contributed by Lauren Rowe

Super easy and cheap! I am excited to try this :)

Contributed by Anne Mena

DIY Photo Lamp

What you will need: Tracing or velum paper A printer A lamp and lampshade Scotch tape Scissors or a paper trimmer Photo editing or scrap booking software, even Microsoft Word would work if you don’t have any other program Click link below for full tutorial

Contributed by Karen Webb

DIY Gold Framed Vintage State Map

Click the link below for the full tutorial via TidyMom.

Contributed by Karen Webb

DIY Fabric Lined Bookcase Tutorial

This is a great way to brighten up an inexpensive bookcase. Click link below for tutorial.

Contributed by Karen Webb

DIY St. Patrick's Day Wreath

This awesome wreath made out of yarn is a perfect do it yourself project to get into the holiday spirit! The specific steps are listed in the source. Some of the materials needed include: hot glue gun, foam wreath, green ribbon, yarn, and styrofoam balls, to name a few.

Contributed by Nina Pusateri

This could definitely beautify your house

Contributed by Joseph Perry

This is an awesome do it yourself optical illusion toy.

Contributed by Joseph Perry

As they say at the end of these videos "Have fun!"

Contributed by Joseph Perry