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Do it yourself travel globe!

Get a globe and put a light on the inside. Every time you travel to a new place use a drill to put a hole in the globe where you visited! This is a pretty cool way to remember all the places you've been and you can even use it to decorate.

Contributed by Kenadi Fitzgerald

Snowman Vase

What you need: a vase epsom salt ribbon buttons white translucent glass paint spray acrylic scissors hot glue foam or paint brush blow dryer Steps: 1)Put glue on vase 2)Sprinkle salts on the vase 3)Use a blow dryer to dry paint (this will also turn the salts a white color) 4)Spray on acrylic 5)Use hot glue to put on scarf and buttons

Contributed by Kenadi Fitzgerald

Useful for the holidays since theres 51 ideas that you can make yourself! :)

Contributed by Lexie Marquez

Cinnamon Candles

Tie cinnamon sticks around a candle. It looks so pretty and smells amazing! Easy to do too!

Contributed by Hanna Alzoubi

Stargazing idea

Perfect for cuddling

Contributed by Bridget Vail Franceschina

Neat way to write

You can use this craft for special writing like quotes

Contributed by Bridget Vail Franceschina

DIY Heart Ring!

Use this simple DIY to make a cute and simple heart ring. It's effortless, fast and easy. Perfect for little gifts

Contributed by Bridget Vail Franceschina