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Amazing Camera Effects

Follow the link to learn how to add these crazy effects to any of your pictures!

Contributed by Adam Trujillo


Make an old dresser into a bench! This looks cool but you would have to be good with building things, maybe i'll ask my dad to help me make this

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

Do you like coffee? Do you like art? This simple and inexpensive, watercolor coffee mug project will let you be creative and personal with your morning ritual. You can even give these adorable mugs away as gifts!

Contributed by Alissa Schmidt

These are great crafts to do when you want to lower your impact on the environment or when you're strapped for cash. You can do all of them with things you were just going to throw away.

Contributed by Kara Skinner

Draw a lot? Write a lot? Procrastinate a lot? Why not have all that in one tangible place to scroll through?

Contributed by Molly McCandless

I haven't stopped playing with resin. My whole house is GLOWING!

Contributed by Molly McCandless

Look at what people have discovered to do through all of human history and then stopped doing only in recent decades! Technology and the Digital Age is great, but it's made us lazy. Finding ways to adapt new technology to accomplishing things other than chatting with friends and finding cat videos is, in my opinion, vital for us not to become mindless drones. This video combines old school, with new school. It combines 3D printing, with foundry- with liquid hot metal casting. DIY is alive and thriving. Look what you are capable of!

Contributed by Molly McCandless

Hold a Galaxy Within Your Hands

Do-it-Yoursellf Nebula in a bottle!

Contributed by Amber Jipson

Create a Pottery Barn Look-Alike!

Get the same nautical look all on your own!

Contributed by Amber Jipson

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