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Disney Princesses as Children

Disney princesses when they were little girls!

Contributed by Sydney Knight


Disney is getting two new princesses!

Contributed by Machaela Graddy

An article satirizing if all the Disney princesses had twitter accounts.

Contributed by Brianna Kay Colbert

the princess bunch

Contributed by Syd Lilo Gomez

she's great

Contributed by Syd Lilo Gomez

It's well known, especially in the United States, that Disney's Princesses created over the years are the role models of little girls across the nation and throughout the world. However, is this such a good thing? Though the Disney princesses overcome obstacles and encourage children to always pursue their dreams, the appearances of these princesses do more damage than good. It may not seem like a huge issue, but because of Disney's princesses, along with the general nature of society, girls are more likely to be self conscious now than before these princesses graced the homes of children. Because the princesses have been designed with what some call "ideal bodies," this creates more subconscious pressure in the minds of girls especially to conform to "societal expectations on appearances." There's no doubt that Disney princesses encourage perseverance, but do they also further the self-image issues which almost all girls deal with already?

Contributed by Megan Walden

the plot holes of beauty and the beast

Contributed by Syd Lilo Gomez

Here's a new look for the princesses...

Contributed by Alice Yih

Every feel the want to play dress up? Here's a Disney Princess dress up doll game, complete with every outfit piece that every Disney Princess has worn. It's addicting.

Contributed by Caroline Fry

It's funny to see these princesses now and the time periods they are designed in. We grew up looking up to these girls because of the fact that they were royalty and a handsome prince was chasing after them. While watching these movies as a little girl, I did notice their differences, but I never comprehended that they were from different time periods! Even now, I am still mesmerized by Disney. They keep the childhood memories alive!

Contributed by Kaelyn Paguio