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Disney Villains as Princesses

Funny, but also creepy

Contributed by Amanda Laver

Elsas had enough and tells the princesses like it is. Rally together princesses!

Contributed by Tatyana Reid

Did you know that the Little Mermaid was originally designed to be a blonde?

Contributed by Sarah Stauffer

Elsa and Anna are the 2 newest princesses and Frozen is the new classic and willl forever continue to be. It is definately one of my new favorites. "Let It Go"- the song you hear everywhere you go. I went to Disney World over Spring Break and I swear to you, in every bathroom I went in, I heard little girls singing it. I would laugh everytime, but I thought it was the cutest thing. Frozen though is the only Disney Princess Movie that teaches girls that they don't need a man to find love. Anna and Elsa find love within each other as sisters. Truly a heartwarming Disney movie. "Some people are worth melting for." -Olaf

Contributed by Allison Elizabeth Blythe

The Disney Princesses such as Cinderella are role models for young girls. They teach girls about what is right and wrong, what is the right thing to do, how to be a friend, and so much more. As a child, I grew up watching all of the movies and grew to love them. They are a friend to those in need and someone you can trust. They help girls to become strong, independent women. This is what thing of when I think of Disney Princesses.

Contributed by Anna Ge

click on the link to take a short quiz that will let you know which Disney princess you are!

Contributed by Kaylee Alyssa Carey

Can Disney Get any cute?

I saw this post on a Disney Tumblr.

Contributed by Lizzie Powers

We have courage that we don't recognize until we need it

Contributed by Alma Gastelum

Elsa Dress

Real life Elsa prom dress

Contributed by Jasmine Henry