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The new Disney Princesses, Elsa and Anna from Frozen! The film is being released Thanksgiving of this year

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I found this to be very interesting.

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Disney has tried to keep the Disney Princess stories separate from each other, they want each one to stand alone. So, whenever you see a picture of more than one Disney Princess together pay attention, notice that they never look at each other. Try it, Google search or pay attention to merchandise next time you go shopping.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

"Warrior, Not Princess, Mulan: A Letter to Robert Chapek, president of Disney Consumer Products" I wrote this letter in response to the way Disney Consumer Products markets Mulan as a Princess instead of as a Warrior. I love the Disney princesses, but Mulan has a different message to offer young girls. There are nine princesses who promote “inner meets outer beauty.” Mulan, marketed as the warrior she is, could send a completely different message to young girls; "you don’t have to be who society says you need to be to reach your full potential".I believe this is a message young girls need to hear, and Disney has a chance to offer it. Please in enjoy.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

I love the Disney Princess', I have grown up with them my entire life.

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The Disney princesses humanized!

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There is a lot of controversy surrounding how Disney princesses are influencing the socialization of kids who are watching. We know that what we see on television/movies is what we come to believe about the world around us, which can be a scary idea when we look at Disney movies through a more critical lens. Studies of Beauty and the Beast impacting young girls' views of abusive relationships are alarming; young girls are more likely to think that they can change their partner if he is mean and violent with them, and also more likely to advise friends to stick it out if their partner is exhibiting such behavior. Also, they encourage rigid beauty ideals like thin waists, large innocent eyes, and sexualized bodies for example. Are the beloved stories worth the message their sending to young people? That's the controversy.

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Historically accurate Disney Princesses. Very pretty!

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Found this on my facebook timeline the other day and the fact that Disney princess it trending today is no coincidence. I must say Pocahontas was spot on.

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