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The real story...

Contributed by Tori Griffin

Visit for all you need to know about auditiong for character performer, actor, singer, dancer, instrumental, and acrobatic roles at the Disney Parks!

Contributed by Ashley Nicole Oplinger

Nailed it.

Contributed by Melanie Carvajal

Can I be a Disney Princess now?

Contributed by Melanie Carvajal

If the shoes fits, wear it.

Contributed by Melanie Carvajal

Is Disney hiring?

It's awfully crazy how they're only actors, yet they get the chance to feel like princesses and princes on a daily basis and get paid an hourly rate of nine dollars for it.

Contributed by Melanie Carvajal

I love how Disney creates a mystical ending full of sunshine and flowers, but Paints morbid reality check really cracks me up!

Contributed by Sarah Brondum

Real life rapunzel

Beautiful picture of what rapunzel from tangled would look like in real life

Contributed by Emily Naylor

I know a little girl with leukemia at 7 years old and it had me thinking...Disney should consider making a princess with cancer so that little girls who lost their hair will feel beautiful.

Contributed by Emily Naylor

This is great!

Contributed by Nadia Tsado