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Princess Belle in Time Period Accurate Clothing

Pictured here in 1770's French Court fashion.

Contributed by Sara Cornett

I think this is the norm nowadays. it's a bit of a misconception as well. what we see on tv and magazines is what we should be and look like in the eyes of society, and if we don't then we're not worthy. I think Disney should have left this character alone. as we seen the Disney princesses of before what is the common variables? (thin waist, toned face, long hair, pouty lips) they are all untrue to the real women of society. no one really looks that perfect. take Pocahontas for example. They paint her as this beautiful, longed, flowing haired beauty...WAAMM!! In reality she was not that attractive at all by society standards!! So in conclusion, if we falter to societies opinion of who we should be. Are we living for ourselves or does society own us?

Contributed by Ashley Mckinney

Creeeeepy Snow White

Contributed by Thomas James Pierce


This is a photo of Ariel in Disney's Art of Animation Resort

Contributed by Ashley McGowan

Princesses in their graves-great shot!

Contributed by Thomas James Pierce

Merida is the only Princess with male siblings!

Contributed by Jada Mallant

The original.

Contributed by Courtney Walsh

How they came to be and a little more on a few of the Disney princesses

Contributed by Hay Noww

This is pretty impressive

Contributed by Olivia Hood

Realistic Princess Jasmine

Contributed by Sara Cornett