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Diet may refer to:

  • Diet (nutrition), the sum of the food consumed by an organism or group
  • Dieting, the deliberate selection of food to control body weight or nutrient intake
    • Diet food, foods that aid in creating a diet for weight loss
  • Healthy diet, the process of helping to maintain or improve overall health

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Eating Less Is Far More Important Than Exercising More

Here's a thought experiment: say you do strenuous physical labor for your job everyday. During lunch you have two options: walk 2 miles home to eat a 1000 calorie home cooked meal or stay at the work site and buy a meal of 700 calories. Most would choose option 2; even if they'd get more energy from option 1, walking those 2 miles is still extra work. In other words, it's much easier to eat less than to exercise less (due to exhaustion). Other studies have shown exercise ineffective in keeping off weight and in fact can work counter-intuitively by raising hunger levels after a workout. To put it simply: although exercise is important and has health benefits, it's easier to lose weight by eating less.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

The Justice Diet: 100% foolproof

According to Perry's new and revolutionary diet, the amount you suffer in giving up one food for another factors in to how much weight you deserve to lose. In other words, if you and I eat the same amount of calories a day, but you ate at home while I ate out and had to actively pass up adding an ice cream and soda to my meal, I suffered more than you and deserve to lose more weight. Perry states, "After a lot of careful research and deep thought, I have concluded that one should get credit for one-fifth of the calories that one passes up."

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

There are many different diets out there. But finding the right one for you can be a difficult task. And because I like to find my own ways of doing things, I came up with my own diet plan that is simple and works! It's a very simple diet that I recently came up with. I seem to be a man of many phases. One of them just happened to allow me to lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks! I'm sure this will work for anyone who stays dedicated to it. You simply replace 20% of all meals with popcorn. That's right, just replace 1/5 meals with popcorn. There are some things you have to follow. It can't be butter (or butter substitute) covered popcorn and it can't be covered in salt. Microwavable, and theater popcorn is also out as they are often covered in preservatives and chemicals. Popcorn is naturally high in fiber and low in calories. Popcorn also has antioxidants and whole grains! Now nothing can substitute for fresh fruits and vegetables but when your a person of variety (like me), you'll want to know all the alternatives. Hope you enjoy!

Contributed by Angie Yeaton

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