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Valentines derpiness

Happy late valentines day

Contributed by Jonathon Shearer

Photoshop or nah?

Photoshop or nah? I'll let you decide. Nevertheless, my boyfriend and I are perfect for each other

Contributed by Emily Kriss

This is why I hate doing the dishes.

This always happens to me. Or when you just made clean dish water and they put they dirty plate in the water instead of on the counter. Am I overreacting or what?

Contributed by Tay-La Jackson




Contributed by Hanna Alzoubi



Contributed by Hanna Alzoubi


My friend Kealeigh is the Derp master.

Contributed by Kaitlyn Williamson

My friend

My friend coming down a water slide.

Contributed by Kathryn Robbins

Yerp. Merketing.

Seriously.. This is a winner.. If you don't just buy this product for its amazing packaging, you obviously have issues... such as buying it for product...

Contributed by Kurry Merrill