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Depression or depress(ed) may refer to:

Mental health

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Depression is sad

It is sad to see someone that was once happy now being sad all the time and feeling like they don't belong.

Contributed by Dylan Brien Hunter

Clowns are not Always Happy

You never know what people are going through…even the happiest most bubbly people can feel sad.

Contributed by Maria Pagano

This is an amazing video that describes what having chronic depression feels like, and shows others with the illness they are not alone. This video is encouraging and relatable.

Contributed by Stephanie Ann Sullivan

This is really important.

Contributed by Adam Trujillo

I feel like I am dead. I'm always cold. I go through the motions of the living- breathing, smiling, speaking. But the only thing I feel is emptiness. I am a college student and I go to my classes. I don't study but I get good grades. Procrastination consumes me. I don't retain anything. I just go through the motions of life - without feeling. I think this is depression. But I try not to think about it too much. Days keep passing and I keep moving forward even though I am not mentally present. But I know I will get better :)

Contributed by SJ Fernandez

Darkness Visible

Darkness Visible by William Styron--his memoir of depression

Contributed by Madeline Johnson


What it feels like for many.

Contributed by Madeline Johnson


What many feel like when depressed.

Contributed by Madeline Johnson

I always get so angry when I hear someone talk about why "depressed people should just stop being sad and smile". It doesn't work that way-- depression is an illness. This article helps people to understand what depression really is.

Contributed by Colleen Koval

Doing Things when Depressed

Even doing the slightest thing to get your day going is a milestone when you are depressed.

Contributed by Darby Oliver

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