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Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Davy Jones is a fictional character in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, portrayed by Bill Nighy. He appears in the second film Dead Man's Chest and returns in the third film At World's End. He is the captain of the Flying Dutchman (based on the ghost ship of the same name).

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Davy Jones' Theme.

Contributed by Indiana Winston Jones

Davy Jones' theme, based on the musical locket he treasures in the film, reappears at various speeds in other pieces throughout Zimmer's score (such as Tia Dalma's). Where the original POTC trilogy had an audible unity and grace, the 4th film bastardized the best bits of the tracks from the first three to shunt them awkwardly onto scenes that had nothing to do with the original leitmotifs.

Contributed by Indiana Winston Jones

Although the films were a box office success, the POTC toys generally missed the mark. The series was not truly merchandised until At World's End, and did not receive the treatment it deserved (contrast Hasbro's quality production of 3 3/4" Star Wars action figures). This Davy Jones was a Dead Man's Chest toy marketed to adults, but was sloppily produced for two major reasons: in the package, the signature hat was not visible, giving the character an awkward look never truly seen in the films, and the tentacle index finger, which is always curled around a weapon or object in the film, was molded absurdly straight.

Contributed by Indiana Winston Jones

Davy Jones and his eclectic sea-creature crew served as antagonists in Dead Man's Chest and At World's End.

Contributed by Indiana Winston Jones

Bill Nighy's charismatic performance defied the limitations of CGI to create a genuinely imposing, entertaining and sinister villain for the majority of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.

Contributed by Indiana Winston Jones

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