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Dance Praise

Dance Praise is a series of dance video games developed by Christian video game developer Digital Praise, with a particular emphasis on Contemporary Christian music. The series began on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X computers, and later expanded to iOS devices. The series' first title, Dance Praise, was released on September 29, 2005 and gained popularity in the Christian gaming industry.

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Praise dance is an lyrical art form that fills your up from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head. It is the act of praising God threw dance. Praise dance is not just an hobby for myself but a passion. There are many forms of Praise dance, lyrical, contemporary, mime etc. Praise dancing is mostly practiced in religious circles. Christianity is one of the biggest producers of praise dancers. There are also competitions, and public performances. To praise dance is to break free of the world and its standards. For myself praise dancing is a way to express myself without shame, worry of others thoughts,and the best way to give thanks to God for everything.

Contributed by Shada Lynn

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