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The ORGanization - World of Dance LA 2013 A wonderful piece to "Just Another Man" by Tim Be Told. I love this so much because you can just feel the emotion spilling with every movement. Listen to the words

Contributed by Eunice Lee

This flash mob video inspires me that how strong love is when everyone works hard to make the proposal successful.

Contributed by Jane Chan

How dance captures all of the beauty (and tragedy) of life.

Contributed by Jaclyn Rachelle

The culmination of all my favorite styles of dance.

Contributed by Lena Drake

As a dancer, this video inspires me and most definitely motivates me to strive to become more of an expert at dancing. Guillaume Côté (the dancer) is my idol!

Contributed by Mekyle Rudolph Doissaint

This guy is amazing! They totally underestimated him, but his dancing is ridiculous

Contributed by Sandy Dasalla

Although it is not technically dance, there is an amazing display of power, grace, control, and dedication to training movement.

Contributed by Sarah Jamieson

Mikhail Baryshnikov moves with absolute power and grace together.

Contributed by Sarah Jamieson

The evolution of dance through all of the ages until the present.

Contributed by Rachna Singh

Loved the beat of the song and the dance

Contributed by Stephany Reinoso