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This video was created during the Harlem Shake video craze. My friends and I filmed this on the porch of our youth pastor's house.

Contributed by Robbie Holmes

ALDC Girls

Contributed by Meghan Fanjoy

Kendall one of the Dance Mom girls

Contributed by Meghan Fanjoy

Maddie Ziegler one of the Dance Mom girls doing a tap number.

Contributed by Meghan Fanjoy

Elagent dance studio.

Contributed by Sydney Folse

it's a scorpion self-photograph. a trademark ballet move

Contributed by Joseph Perry

Check out THESE dance moves!! (Oh, and Ashley screaming an inanimate objects)

Contributed by Melody Callister

can't believe they're only seven.

Contributed by Rachel West


Strength and beauty all rolled into a body: dancer.

Contributed by Maria Post