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Dance Tricks

That moment when you land a trick perfectly and the crowd goes crazy >>>>>

Contributed by Halie Lane

so you think you can dance twitch is a amazing and the other guy too. It's different and really fun to watch. There's pop locking twerking shaking all kinds of neat moves.

Contributed by Caresse Mickey Hen

I think this is an very interesting topic. This topic includes creativity, style, attitude, and your own personal moves it also includes energy. dancing can also express how you feel. Dancing is a orm of beats and moves put together as one.

Contributed by Latrice Truely Unique Brawner

Love everything about this dance: choreographers that created it, dancers in it, and message it portrays!

Contributed by Jennifer Reaves

Having a dance off against your own shadow.

Contributed by Tori Griffin

I teach hip hop to kids and I had this one girl who was wheelchair bound that wanted to learn too. I showed her this video and she was so happy! People have been telling her that she wouldn't be able to dance. dancing isn't only with your legs it's your heart and soul.

Contributed by Mia Hillard

Some "behind the scenes" in which my friend prepares to teach me ballet.

Contributed by Kelcie Wood

This was a shoot for my photography class. The object was to capture motion, so my friend taught me some ballet moves that I butchered and got this as the result.

Contributed by Kelcie Wood

Dancers Among Us Photography

Have you seen the photographs of these dancers? I love how the photographer captures the lives of the dancers! If you haven't seen Dancers Among Us, I suggest you check it out! The pictures are beautiful!

Contributed by Scarlett Cortney Latka

you got to admit. . .she did the damned thang (excuse my french) :-)

Contributed by Jordan Griffin