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Shark cookie

Shark cookies photography must be appreciated

Contributed by Gianna Rousseau

There's two dances one starting at 1:11 and the other at 4:40. They both are very complex in terms of group movement and syncronization. Great piece in my book

Contributed by Joe Thebigman Mason

I enjoyed how they were both able to the character of an elderly person while dancing with such syncronization.

Contributed by Joe Thebigman Mason

SO much beauty in one soul..

Contributed by Bria Dávila

They killed that routine!! :)

Contributed by Briana Underwood

This makes me laugh every time; wish I had moves like that!

Contributed by Brittany Huff

That moment when a little kid has better facial expressions than you... (;

Contributed by Kasey Lauren Webster


Dance of children

Contributed by Madeline Johnson

Dance with your own shadow. Dance with yourself. Just get up and dance until you can't dance anymore.

Contributed by Kylie Marie Milburn