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Inspirational dance photo

Contributed by Michaela Wilson

Dance is a very artistic skill to have because it expresses the motion of art throughout many cultures. It helps your body stay fit by being able to move around in various ways. When people are dancing, they are expressing how they feel by bringing out the emotion more while they are moving to the beat.

Contributed by Trish AlwaysIndependent

Dance is used to express one's feelings through movement. It is a beautiful thing. Here is a story about two lovers who become stronger from each other's love.

Contributed by Randall Collins

I'm Commander Sheppard and these are my moves.

Contributed by Aaron Amoros

The most difficult dance created by man.

Contributed by Aaron Amoros

Daning is a great way for people to express themselves

Contributed by Aby Rodriguez

Best dance video in the history of history.

Contributed by Aaron Amoros

In this ballet dance, it is used to depict a story.

Contributed by Derek Lin

Most popular dance of 2012. PSY's Gangnam Style spread like a wild fire throughout the world through social media. The most popular things in life are the one's that are flat out weird....

Contributed by Derek Lin

Internet viral dance of the last decade.

Contributed by Derek Lin