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Tips on learning how to dance -- pretty informative.

Contributed by Empriś Durden

How to dance :) Somewhat helpful

Contributed by Empriś Durden

Dejan Tubic..Make it rain

Contributed by Aurora Rinehart

Ballet Partnering is the most romantic thing.

Contributed by Aurora Rinehart

Dancing through the decades. Wish they had started back earlier though!

Contributed by Mallory Kraus

Choreography to Daley- Alone Together by Sean Bankhead, another gifted choreographer in ATL. His precise and sharp yet flowing dance moves are a work of art that I really appreciate as a dancer. Check him out!

Contributed by Kemi Ajenifuja

PART 2 of choreography to Melanie Fiona's- 4 AM by KIKI ELY and SEKINAH LESTAGE. a must see even if you're not into beautiful hip hop choreography. Subscribe to her on youtube!! --> Kiki Ely

Contributed by Kemi Ajenifuja

Choreography to Melanie Fiona's- 4 AM by one of my favorite choreographers, KIKI ELY. She teaches classes in Atlanta, Georgia at a studio called Dance 411, Her style is one that's very heartfelt and moving, especially for hip hop. Subscribe to her on youtube! ---> Kiki Ely

Contributed by Kemi Ajenifuja

Dance is also used in many cultures with different styles and music. Many times the art of dance is used to tell a story

Contributed by Maral Arjomandi

This is the expression of dance. Watch their story.

Contributed by Samantha June Ellender