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Cynic or Cynicism may refer to:

Modes of thought

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Demand Justice for the Cynics

Being cynical and pessimistic is an easy task that is often accomplished unconsciously. The problem with cynics, however, is not that they are negative or nearsighted or unproductive. In fact, I’d argue that many cynics make for intelligent conversation and can be found slaving away at amazing projects while lamenting how cruel the world is. No, the problem with cynics is that they are no longer interesting. All they do today is the state the obvious—it is not even a matter of all-words-no-action anymore. We don’t need people to tell us that the world is crumbling and dying when we can see it for ourselves. Cynics have become broken records; they have fallen from a high and mighty pedestal of worship to a position among plebeians.

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

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