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The use of technology grows everyday, which only intensifies cyber-bullying, and creates a more hazardous environment for victimized students. In this day and age, the world is heavily reliant on technology and its benefits, such as being able to freely advertise your business or make video calls from your phone, but to every positive there is a negative.

Contributed by Akiel Hunte

Innovations in technology have increased the productivity and our standard of living, but it has also created easier ways for bullies to victimize other students online.

Contributed by Akiel Hunte

. Cyber-bullying is a new-age form of bullying that grows worse with the increasing innovations in technology.

Contributed by Akiel Hunte

Cyberbullying is a growing hazard to students.

Contributed by Akiel Hunte

We should all be informed about Cyber Bullying and how to stop it. Having knowledge will allow anyone to be more aware about their children, brothers and any other family members. So start informing yourself about Cyber Bullying!

Contributed by Laksmi Yasmin Bustamante

This is such a big issue. Watch this touching tale about a teenage victom

Contributed by Betty-Ann Townsend