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Pomeranian Puppy in Grass

Contributed by Dawn Skovronski

Pomeranian Dog with A Siamese Cat and with A Dachshund Dog all in sailor suits

Contributed by Dawn Skovronski

Little golden ham-ham eating peanut butter. Not sure how safe this is, but it's mega cute!

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

SciShow host Hank discusses the science behind cuteness. If you like this video, subscribe to the channel!

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

So cute when it yawns!! Who loves puppy breath?

Contributed by Alyssa Green

Look how playful this baby elephant is in the ocean. It's having a blast!! =)

Contributed by Alyssa Green

So cute! Who doesn't love sleepy animals?

Contributed by Jen Lee

I cried watching an episode of Too Cute.. The animals are just too cute :)

Contributed by Klynn Robinson

So being cute has to do with survival too

Contributed by Janeen OmightyIsis Jackson

This video isn't mine but its so cute! I couldn't help but want to share this video. This is how a first kiss should be (:

Contributed by Sarina Nicole Sablan