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Culture war

The culture war or culture conflict adopts different meanings depending on the time and place where it is used (as it relates to conflicts relevant to a specific area and era).

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The idea of a culture war is prominent. A culture war is conflict between two culture classes that disagree over morals and values. There are broadly defined cultural groups that oppose each other on issues that are unable to be compromised with because of a fear of compromising one’s own values such as religion. In this case, the people fighting against same-sex marriage feel as though siding with the advocates for same-sex marriage would compromise their religious values if their religion teaches that marriage is between a man and a woman. In the United States, the two sides of the culture war are the orthodox and the progressive. The orthodox side believes that morality and religion should be as or more important as self expression. Believers also think that the laws of God and nature do not change based on individual preference and are concrete to all. This side is against gay marriage because the teachings of God condemn it as well. Because they have a strong sense of staying with the teachings of religions, the strict orthodox are unwilling to compromise their morals to support gay marriage. On the other hand, progressives believe that personal freedom, liberty, and solving these disputed social issues are more important than religion. Progressives think personal freedom holds more value than certain traditional religious rules. Also, supporters believe that the laws of God and nature can and should change based on new circumstances in life today and completely depend on individual preference. This new circumstances include the trend of being more liberal in the decision of marriage as new circumstances have made this recently condemned topic to one that is increasingly seen on television and more accepted.

Contributed by Jen Lee

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