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Culinary arts

Culinary arts, in which '''' means "related to cooking", are the arts of preparation, cooking and presentation of food, usually in the form of meals. People working in this field – especially in establishments such as restaurants – are commonly called "chefs" or "cooks", although, at its most general, the terms "culinary artist" and "" are also used. Table manners ("the table arts") are sometimes referred to as a culinary art.

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Culinary Creations

Would you like to know how to create awesome dishes like this? Maybe you should think about attending culinary school! Check out our Facebook page or our website for more insight/details!

Contributed by Scott Seeberger

This is the best culinary school in the school!

Contributed by Wanda Mosley

Sweet & Sour Pork

My classmate & I made this dish in my Prep II class. It was one of my favorite dishes & it was Yummy!

Contributed by Wanda Mosley

A great Culinary Arts program! Please check it out if you are interested in Culinary Arts!

Contributed by Missy Hardesty

A single bite hors d' oeuvre that is intended to set the mood of the meal and preview the experience that the diner is in for.

Contributed by Jessica Greenstein

French for an alcoholic beverage served specifically before a meal to stimulate one's palette.

Contributed by Jessica Greenstein

In Italian, it means "to the tooth" and refers to the particular doneness of culinary creations such as pasta or vegetables. Essentially, it is cooked tender, but still firm to the bite. In green vegetable cookery, they should still be a bright green in color.

Contributed by Jessica Greenstein

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