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Cruelty to animals

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How to Go Cruelty-Free

Here are a list of companies that are currently Cruelty-Free!

Contributed by Darby Oliver

Relativity to animals cruelty

I came across this photo and first thought how inhuman. However, after a second lingering of the thought, I was able to feel the emotions complied in this single, seemingly simple picture. I appreciate the message captured by the genius who came up with this idea; he or she was able to truly depict our own actions' consequences

Contributed by Julia Nguyen

A recent information release of animal testing at a notorious University.

Contributed by Ashley Miller-Shaked

Animal Abuse is a very serious issue in America. This shows the reality of animal abuse.

Contributed by Traia M. Roper

Is sad to think that people can neglect an innocent animal, something that loves you unconditionally. How people can be so cruel is beyond me. I hope one day that I will be able to save the lives of countless animals and give them the love they deserve.

Contributed by Alexandra Nicole

After watching this video,you'll realize that humans are not the only beings that suffer and have feelings. Please try your best to allow less suffering in this world by perhaps becoming a vegetarian. Thanks!

Contributed by Joselyn Rojas

these things make me feel so sad

Contributed by Mikey Camp Jr.

Big companies food companies like Tyson don't respect animals. This is horrible. No-one should treat there animals like this.

Contributed by Kelsey Helgerson

No animal should be abused or neglected. It makes me very sad to say that it hasn't stopped and will still continue. Animals should be treated with respect and love. Most animals fear humans because they have been treated badly. I just hope one day humanity will come to its senses and stop animal cruelty.

Contributed by Jessica Navarrete