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A Crow is a bird of the genus Corvus, or more broadly is a synonym for all of Corvus. The term "crow" is used as part of the common name of many species. Species with the word "crow" in their common name include:

  • Corvus albuspied crow (Central African coasts to southern Africa)
  • Corvus bennettilittle crow (Australia)
  • Corvus brachyrhynchosAmerican crow (United States, southern Canada, northern Mexico)
  • Corvus capensisCape crow or Cape rook (Eastern and southern Africa)
  • Corvus caurinusnorthwestern crow (Olympic peninsula to southwest Alaska)
  • Corvus cornixhooded crow (Northern and Eastern Europe and Northern Africa)
  • Corvus coronecarrion crow (Europe and eastern Asia)
  • Corvus edithaeSomali crow (eastern Africa)
  • Corvus encaslender-billed crow (Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia)
  • Corvus florensisFlores crow (Flores Island)
  • Corvus fuscicapillusbrown-headed crow (New Guinea)
  • Corvus hawaiiensis (formerly C. tropicus) – Hawaiian crow (Hawaii)
  • Corvus imparatusTamaulipas crow (Gulf of Mexico coast)
  • Corvus insularisBismarck crow (Bismark Archipelago, Papua New Guinea)
  • Corvus jamaicensisJamaican crow (Jamaica)
  • Corvus kubaryiMariana crow or aga (Guam, Rota)
  • Corvus leucognaphaluswhite-necked crow (Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico)
  • Corvus macrorhynchosjungle crow (Eastern Asia, Himalayas, Philippines)
  • Corvus meekiBougainville crow or Solomon Islands crow (Northern Solomon Islands)
  • Corvus moneduloidesNew Caledonian crow (New Caledonia, Loyalty Islands)
  • Corvus nasicusCuban crow (Cuba, Isla de la Juventud, Grand Caicos Island)
  • Corvus orruTorresian crow or Australian crow (Australia, New Guinea and nearby islands)
  • Corvus ossifragusfish crow (Southeastern U.S. coast)
  • Corvus palmarumpalm crow (Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic)
  • Corvus ruficolis edithaeSomali crow or dwarf raven (Northeast Africa)
  • Corvus sinaloaeSinaloan crow (Pacific coast from Sonora to Colima)
  • Corvus splendenshouse crow or Indian house crow (Indian subcontinent, Middle East, east Africa)
  • Corvus torquatuscollared crow (Eastern China, south into Vietnam)
  • Corvus tristisgrey crow or Bare-faced crow (New Guinea and neighboring islands)
  • Corvus typicuspiping crow or Celebes pied crow (Sulawesi, Muna, Butung)
  • Corvus unicolorBanggai crow (Banggai Island)
  • Corvus validuslong-billed crow (Northern Moluccas)
  • Corvus violaceusviolet crow (Seram) – recent split from slender-billed crow
  • Corvus woodfordiwhite-billed crow or Solomon Islands crow (Southern Solomon Islands)

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Some crows can be bred in captivity and hand-raised so that they are tame and love humans. This is a photo of a young African Pied Crow and his human. They are very intelligent, second only to chimps and humans, and can even be taught to talk, to do tricks, and many other things. Just like with any pet you plan to purchase, you should do a lot of research on the animal's care and other requirements beforehand.

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