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Cross country

Cross country or cross-country may refer to:


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People always ask me why I run cross country, I am always stumped because I really don't know. Once you start running it almost gets addicting, you feel very healthy and get in great shape. What really makes me love cross country is my team. My cross country team is like no other team, when we are together we are family laughing and goofing around, whenever at invitationals we get weird looks but we don't care as long as we are together. This is what makes me love to run, my team, without them there is no way I would be able to survive running countless miles. Cross country also has giving me self determination, achieving goals is one of the best feelings in the world!

Contributed by Brianna Horn

lowkey you find yourself fantasy about new running gear too 8]

Contributed by Jessica Zhou

the essence of cross country

Contributed by Jessica Zhou

don't be surprised if one day you notice how cluttered with plastic bottles your room becomes

Contributed by Jessica Zhou

at a first glance it seems like a very personal sport, but truth be told it's far from that. [voluntarily] waking up early to run multiple miles at six in the morning, IN THE SUMMER, sitting together afterwards stretching and talking, sticking your feet in ice buckets, bus rides, there is so much more to the sport than meets the eye. definitely, you're constantly training and making yourself the fastest you can be, and in the process you pick more healthier habits, and it is so satisfying to know you've ran a faster time than before, but you know what's better than that? knowing that as a team you were able to succeed. the best teams are the tight knit ones that are practically a family. you encourage each other, push one another, and while your lungs are burning and and legs are sore, you sprint the last 200 meters anyway. you leave it all on the course because your training, the constant beach runs and hill workouts and interval workouts, the blood, sweat, and tears, amounts to that, contributing your talents to win. on a lighter note, you get really nice legs afterwards too (;

Contributed by Jessica Zhou

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