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Crochet braids

Crochet braids, also known as latch hook braids, are techniques for braiding hair that involve crocheting synthetic hair extensions to a person's natural hair with a latch hook or crochet hook. This method is associated with African American hair culture.

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crochet faux locs hollow braids diy locs fake dreadlocks

Synthetic faux locs crochet braids, inventory color:#1,1b,#2,#4,burgundy,#27,#30,blue and purple. Length:14inch and 18inch, #613 color only 14 inch. Hair weight(the pictures is hollow style):120 g/piece (solid style: 90g/piece).

Contributed by 张珍文

Super elasticity red curly crochet weave havana twist braids hairstyle

High quality raw material, 100% Japanese Kanekalon fiber.No shedding. Use of quick and convenient. Soft and comfortable material. Many hair Various color and hair lengths could be chosen.

Contributed by 张珍文

easy faux locs dreadlocks crochet braids havana hair extensions

The charm of dreadlocks is that it can be unique by somenursing measures. Dreadlocks are favorite hair extensions last for a long time,the lowest pictures share a few beautiful hairstyles performance through their own design.

Contributed by 张珍文

kanekalon fibers Crochet braids hair Super elasticity

This japanese kanekalon fibers hair which is the best elastic in many products.Because it has super elasticity. So can make people more spiritual and bring vigor,When sport it has very good volatility, makes the person reveal much personality. If you like outdoor sports, the product must be able to give you bonus points

Contributed by 张珍文

ombre Crochet braids hairstyle

If you want to be different, please try it, ombre Crochet braids hairstyle will make you stand out from the crowd. The ombre color of havana twist hair is also very rare, you met, a decree by destiny with you.Do you like this kanekalon fiber style?

Contributed by 张珍文

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