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10 Free #Crochet Duck Patterns

This roundup will quack you up!

Contributed by Tamara Kelly

Alpaca Your Wrap

Free #crochet pattern on Moogly!

Contributed by Tamara Kelly

Moogly CAL Block #19: free #crochet patterns all year long!

We're nearing the end now... I can't wait to see all the finished afghans!

Contributed by Tamara Kelly

Happy Autumn Leaves - #crochet video tutorial!

The Happy Autumn Leaves crochet pattern is a great way to perk up your home for Fall! You can use any yarn and the hook to match, felt it, hang it, clean with it, you name it! And it’s made with pretty simple stitches… except for the first round of edging, which puts our tall stitches skills to work! So here’s a video tutorial to show how it’s done!

Contributed by Tamara Kelly

Domo Arigato, for 10 Free #Crochet Robot Patterns!

I love robots! Growing up on The Jetsons, I’m still a little disappointed that it’s 2014 and I don’t have my own Rosie to clean up and cook for us (and give me more time for crochet!). I even have a little project bag I picked up at a local craft fair that features a robot working with “steel wool.” And until they go all Terminator or Matrix on us, my love affair will continue. And I’m not the only one – check out these 10 cute and cuddle free crochet robot patterns!

Contributed by Tamara Kelly

“Bright like a neon button” beanie

If you think plain color is monotonous, try add some hot colors. The mix match effect is so much fun with just a small amounts of neon. This crochet beanie hat has neon pink and green lines as a huge statement of modern and chic style.

Contributed by Maz Kwok

Free #Crochet Pattern on Moogly: Happy Autumn Leaves!

Coasters, decor, dishcloths - these leaves perk up your autumnal decor in so many ways!

Contributed by Tamara Kelly

How to braid crochet loops - for a great effect!

A video tutorial with two techniques and 3 free crochet patterns to try them on!

Contributed by Tamara Kelly