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Center Double Crochet

Tutorial time! ♥ Today's video is the Center Double Crochet - a fantastic variation on the usual dc!

Contributed by Tamara Kelly

Crochet Baby Converse

These are so cute!

Contributed by Rachel Peterson

Handmade Crochet Summer Scarf / Shawl in 2015 Spring Colors

Isn't this cheerful? Makes you want to smile! Another one of my handmade spring and summer scarf / shawls made with Red Heart Unforgettable yarn. More at

Contributed by Reena Sommer

Stitch Happens on Etsy

River rocks covered in beautiful crochet stitching!

Contributed by Rachel Peterson

Multicolored Ladder Yarn Scarf

This is the first time I've used this Turkish Ice ladder yarn. It's a bit tricky to work with because it's so slippery. The stitches have to be tied tightly. But the results are beautiful. This one was done in a blend of bronze, gold, orange and purple. It feels wonderful and is light as a feather. It also drapes naturally so there is no need to constantly fiddle with it. See more -

Contributed by Reena Sommer

Wine colored cowl infinity scarf made with variegated yarn

This scarf is so simple in design. It's the texture and color of the yarn that gives it richness. I used Red Heart Unforgettable acrylic yarn. So soft but with lots of body. I love it. More at -

Contributed by Reena Sommer

Designer Showcase: Glamour 4 You!

Ready for some Monday Glamour? Check out this month's Moogly Designer Showcase, featuring Glamour4You! Including 5 FREE ‪#‎crochet‬ patterns!

Contributed by Tamara Kelly

Chunky Fiber Necklace with a Red Bow

Another great looking fiber necklace done in a chunky brown crochet. The yarn is by Lions Homespun which gives it lots of texture. This great looking crochet necklace is accented by a large red bow. See more -

Contributed by Reena Sommer

Infinity Fiber Necklace

This handmade crochet fiber necklace is a head turner. Its focal point is a crochet flower in aqua, black and rust that gives the scarf "pop". A definite head turner. See more -

Contributed by Reena Sommer

The Bumble

Easy to make bumble hat

Contributed by Ashley Miller