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Crime scene investigation

Crime scene investigation may refer to:

  • Forensic inspection of a crime scene
  • '''', a US television series

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For the past two and half years I been studying Criminal Justice to achieve my associates in Administration of Justice, this topic interest me because it does not only talk about laws in our country but what drives a person to commit a crime and how they go from planning it to actually proceeding with the act. I have learn so many things in the past semesters and one thing that has been stuck in my mind is the Classical conditioning (also Pavlovian conditioning or respondent conditioning) is a form of learning in which the conditioned stimulus or CS, comes to signal the occurrence of a second stimulus, the unconditioned stimulus or US. Pavlov presented dogs with a ringing bell followed by food. The food elicited salivation (UR), and after repeated bell-food pairings the bell also caused the dogs to salivate. In this experiment,the unconditioned stimulus is the dog food as it produces an unconditioned response, saliva. The conditioned stimulus is the ringing bell and it produces a conditioned response of the dogs producing saliva. I was thought that this is almost how the mind of a criminal works.

Contributed by Daniela Nava

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