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Found this on stumbleupon. Just thought it was interesting. Whatever your weird habits are, I'm sure there's one on here that tops it.

Contributed by Kailah Ananda Boyd

Adjectives for the interesting

Contributed by Kailah Ananda Boyd

Stuck? Here's some info about how to get going!

Contributed by Kailah Ananda Boyd

This Youtube video plays relaxing music that opens the mind to a more creative state. The music does not the bore the listener but, keeps them focus on their work. In fact, as I write this, I'm listening it to it right now! People will be more in the "zone" than ever. This results in more productive writing. Anyone is able to download the full hour-long version, for free, in the about section. Enjoy.

Contributed by Lainagh Anderson-Feline

Thought this was fun and a good way to help keep you writing juices flowing.

Contributed by Virginia S. Leon

They publish new and experience writers

Contributed by Virginia S. Leon

Arsenic: I will inhale your words and swallow them like knives. I'll absorb them into my veins and carve them into my flesh. They stick like honey, but burn like arsenic, for you've polished your words to be such lovely little lies.

Contributed by Makayla Herring

Even an accomplished writer like Snoopy sometimes finds himself opening with a cliche...

Contributed by Alicia Kimberly Hauskins

Always looking for ways to support fellow writers and there has been wonderful writers throughout the years and this is just a few of the great women writers that has path the way for us all to follow.

Contributed by Virginia S. Leon

This is one of the best presentations that I've seen on how to structure a story. All five parts are awesome.

Contributed by Logan Waite