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Make your very own cloud. Check out the website for the tutorial

Contributed by Morgan Young

Polish Star Christmas Ornament! That is something I want to make this weekend in time for the Ornament and Cookie Exchange party.

Contributed by Leslie Friganza Eldred

Birthday Calendar

My grandma loved when I made one of these for her as a Christmas gift so she can keep track of all her kids' and grandchildren' birthdays! Would also be an awesome idea for a classroom to keep track of all the students' birthdays!

Contributed by Caitlyn Schmidt

Dry-Erase Calendar

Buy a collage photo-frame and fill it with decorative scrapbook paper and the days of the week to create an awesome and stylish dry-erase weekly calendar!

Contributed by Caitlyn Schmidt

Wine Cork- Cork Board

Save up all the corks from wine bottles to make an awesome cork board!!

Contributed by Caitlyn Schmidt

Toy Car Wall Art

Perfect for any little boy's room!!

Contributed by Caitlyn Schmidt


This is a handy thing to make. It can help you keep everything in its place.

Contributed by Faith Hersman

DIY Laundry Organizer

Look at this amazing DIY laundry organizer I stumbled across today! What a great idea!

Contributed by Lynnea Lee

Emergency Chocolate Craft – In Case of Emergency Break Glass

Contributed by Violetta Gir

DIY Wood Stick Vase

Supplies: clippers clear glass vase sticks hot glue

Contributed by Karen Webb