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Faux bronzed shoes planters

A friend made these faux bronzed shoes by painting them with blue paint for the laces and trim and using bronze paint for the rest of the shoes. They are used as planters for some of her cactus collection.

Contributed by Betty Chang

Quotes and Canvases!

I know that everyone loves looking through quotes in the internet! I personally love painting those quotes onto canvases! Why turn that quote that inspires you into a piece of artwork?

Contributed by Morgan Lee

Transfer Ink to Wood

This looks really neat. I think I've seen those wood pieces at Michaels or some other craft store.

Contributed by Jenna Julien

Glow-in-the-Dark Easter Eggs

With Easter only a few hours away, you can make Easter eggs unlike any other eggs you have made before.

Contributed by Kyle McKee

A note for every day of the year

Cut out 52 rectangles of kraft paper (I picked mine up at the dollar store) about 2 inches by 4 inches each. If you are giving this as a gift for someone else to complete such as a bride-to-be or new mother, put the kraft paper, baker’s twine and a couple of colored pencils in a glass mason jar. Write a note on each of the 52 pieces of paper to be given to someone. Cut 52 – 6 inch pieces of baker’s twine. Roll up each piece of kraft paper. I rolled mine around the colored pencil I used for writing. Tie a piece of baker’s twine around each roll.

Contributed by Kyle McKee

Mason jar for those who love to craft

This jar contains an ink pad, a chalk marker, clips, glitter tape, mini envelopes with cards, a tape runner, chalkboard gift tags, letter stamps and silver embellishments. It's a great gift for any crafter in your life!

Contributed by Kyle McKee

Something Fun

This is just something fun to. Take a blank canvas, grab some paint, and paint your favorite quote on it!

Contributed by Ali Ercolani

How to simply decorate your home

Buy a frame and some craft paper and place it inside of the frame! The glass makes an easy wipe off board for to do lists, homework, schedules, etc!

Contributed by Lauren Melanson

Hand Painted coolers

Hand painted a cooler for a college formal, came out awesome!! I'll post steps on how to prep and finalize!

Contributed by Lauren Melanson

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