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Did you know that Bengali is spoken in the African nation of Sierra Leone or that the US dollar is the currency used in Zimbabwe? So many interesting facts about all 197 countries on our planet.

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

Countries including Spain, Belgium, Iraq, Libya, the United Kingdom and even our country the USA all may have to break up within the next 20 years. I find it surprising that many of the deep-rooted political and cultural divisions that caused the Civil War still exist today. As recently of 2012, 50 states submitted petitions with hundreds of thousands of signatures asking to secede from the union with Alaska and Texas the two states most likely to leave. and Maldives is in extreme danger of sinking!

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

Quite interesting (and random) facts about all 196 internationally recognized countries in the world

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

Cool video about countries that end up inside other countries :p enjoy

Contributed by Alex Chase

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