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Cost of attendance

In discussions of the cost of college in the United States, the cost of attendance (COA) (also known as the price of attendance) is a statutory term for the estimated full and reasonable cost of completing a full academic year (usually, nine months) as a full-time student. The cost of attendance is published by each educational institution and includes:

  • Tuition and fees payable to the institution
  • Books and supplies
  • Room and board
  • Personal costs (medical, toiletries, clothing, laundry)
  • Transportation to and from the school

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College pays for itself but you have to make the right steps. Connections are needed with people in your field. Scholarships and grants are needed as well!! Vote For me!!

Contributed by Demetrius Brown II

A college education is not a quantitative body of knowledge salted away in a card file. It is a taste for knowledge, a taste for philosophy, if you will; a capacity to explore, to question, to perceive relationships, between fields of knowledge and experience. - A. Whitney Griswold The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life. - Plato

Contributed by Demetrius Brown II

College is still worth it even though the cost is crazy......

Contributed by Demetrius Brown II

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