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If you need to add lights to your costume, Kamui teaches up how to use LED Lights.

Contributed by Taylor White

The most important information for any cosplayer! Kamui shows us how to do it right!

Contributed by Taylor White

Kamui Cosplay

Definitely and inspiration! Her tutorials are a life-saver.

Contributed by Taylor White

This video is so inspiring. Every costume is amazing. You can really see how much fun people have dressing up and hanging out.

Contributed by Taylor White

Who has watched Heros of Cosplay? If you haven't, it'd be a great way to learn more about the 'cosplay world' :3

Contributed by Johanna L Garcia

cute little girl cosplay!

Contributed by Sae Souki

ネネコ(NENEKO) Cosplayer

This is my favorite cosplayer! Whose yours? Her Offical Websites:

Contributed by Sae Souki

San Diego Comic Con

Contributed by Jada Mallant