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Creating costumes can be a fun way to connect with others outside your immediate group of friends. And by cosplaying as characters that are meaningful to you and hold value to you, you are able to express yourself in a fun and creative manner.

Contributed by Natalie Rae

hate to steal the thunder from my sister...

but check out this adorable Jane Crocker cosplay she did last year !

Contributed by Marcella Smith

When you have too many cosplays for a weekend convention and you have to pick and feel bad for the other ones.

Contributed by Racheal Sylvester

Anime Boston is in two weeks. 0-0 I'm not ready

Contributed by Erin FancypantsAustrian Maloney

You know you're a true cosplayer when you have a convention to go to in two weeks and you still need to make one of your cosplays

Contributed by Erin FancypantsAustrian Maloney

DC Cosplay

One of the most fun cosplays I have ever made! Harley Quinn from Batman Arkhem Knight!

Contributed by May Benge

Bleach Cosplay

One of my most complex cosplay of Ulquiorra from Bleach. The wings actually open and close.

Contributed by Dominique Schultz

How to make convincing fake bruises for your cosplay

Contributed by Alesha Friestrom

Batman Cosplay

these people deserve a giant sparkly gold star

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

Gumi Cosplay

Cosplay is a huge part of my life now. It takes my favorite fictional characters and brings them to life. This is a costume I made from scratch. Gumi Megpoid from Vocaloid. Photographer : Prinny Fun Cosplay

Contributed by Dominique Schultz

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