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Beautiful make up done by Ellarie

Contributed by Nicci Morris


Contributed by Kira Pfost

This is such a cheap and easy way to put a lot of variety in your lipstick color pallet :)

Contributed by Anne Mena

It goes by the name, Body by Frank, but it is frankly amazing! Check this video out and judge for yourself.

Contributed by Clay Jenkins

A brief demonstration on how to highlight your face with makeup.

Contributed by Angeline Stella Robinson Low-Ms

I love this video, it gives you tons of tips on what drugstore makeup is the best, and makeup that is very affordable but also performs just as well as high end makeup products. I have tried many of the products in this video and as a makeup guru I was no disappointed.

Contributed by Mackenzie Scott

Theres only so much Make up can do

Contributed by Kristina Green

Love it or Leave it

Contributed by Kristina Green

eyeshadow i deas

this is eye shadow ideas for different color eyes

Contributed by Haley Lawson

How to make your eyes pop a little more with light or metallic eye liner.

Contributed by Ariana Manson