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This is so useful because she uses drugstore make up for students that dont have as much money to spend on makeup but also useful because she goes step by step with her makeup tutorial and also a hair tutorial!

Contributed by Lexie Marquez

This video is interesting because it'll help you stay up to date with the latest trend - big Kylie Jenner lips! Easy and just fun to try :)

Contributed by Lexie Marquez

This video is very useful because it goes step by step to help you learn a new makeup skill!

Contributed by Lexie Marquez

This video will show you how to fill and highlight your brows to make you makeup complete. Without eyebrows, your makeup is nothing! This video is a great tutorial to show how this done.

Contributed by Tia Black'Queen Toliver

Who Knew?? Get Rid of Gray Hair With Tea Bags!

This is really interesting! I wonder if more people will try this and find that it works just as well as getting their hair dyed in a salon or box dyes..??

Contributed by Caitlyn Hyde

Ever wonder if all those myths are true or not? This video shows busts many myths and tells you the right way of doing your makeup!

Contributed by Nathalia Castro

contoured face

Contributed by Joen Tominaga


Contributed by Violetta Gir