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Learn how to apply fake lashes like a pro!

Contributed by Danielle Capra

We all struggle with getting the perfect wing. Check out this video for some helpful tips.

Contributed by Danielle Capra

Struggling with highlighting and contouring? This video is a step by step tutorial on how to get a flawless face.

Contributed by Danielle Capra

Want to learn all about what makeup brushes you need? Then watch this video! Jaclyn Hill is an amazing makeup artist on YouTube with amazing makeup videos. Check her out!

Contributed by Danielle Capra


Great way to naturally highlight your face. Works beautifully in photos!

Contributed by Hayden Langston

Shedding her skin

Mykie, and amazing makeup artist who you can check out on Instagram @mykie_

Contributed by Courtney Meunier

winter inspired makeup

this is literally perfect for the winter. i love the cranberry colored lipstick, winged eyeliner, and subtle smokey eye. this would look good anywhere from casual to formal, so obsessed.

Contributed by Hayleigh Luza


Key tips on how to have nice eyebrows.

Contributed by Judy Olivares

I want to learn my makeup from this dude. Heck I just wanna be friends with this dude

Contributed by Katie Kalina