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even better

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Contributed by Shelby Peppers

Beautiful makeup!!

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Flawless face Routine!

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Check out this link to see what cosmetics are tested on which animals. For example: Rabbits are used to test for skin irritation or corrosion. The rabbit is shaved, at least in part, and the cosmetic is applied to the bare skin. If the rabbit shows skin reddening or general flakiness or irritation, it will be considered not safe for humans. It's unbelievable that testing can still continue on animals. I have to wonder--isn't there a safer way? Don't we know by now what chemical combinations are safe for human use?

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So creative and unique!

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Very Cool.

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I feel the best and least expensive make up is Sephora. Love this stuff!!

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The right make-up application can completely transform your style! Apologies for the double post ... there's supposed to be a video showing up and it didn't appear the first time. Hopefully it works this time!

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