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PONY's Amethyst Makeup Tutorial

Contributed by Sae Souki

PONY's Love Paradise makeup tutorial

Contributed by Sae Souki

There are so many harmful ingredients in cosmetics! Maybe that's why men look more distinguished as they age while women sag haha. But really, why put harmful stuff all over your face and body.

Contributed by Courtney Walsh

Contour like Kim

The best way to contour your face!

Contributed by Reilly Mask

How to do Smokey Eyes

Contributed by Ashleigh Linse

Magnetic Makeup Board

Great idea for organizing and storing makeup!

Contributed by Lindsay Lathrum

Clean your makeup brushes with baby shampoo!!

Contributed by Monica Ventura

Get Gorgeous Eyes with the Right Eye Shadow

Contributed by Carolin Cruz

What girl doesn't want all this?

Contributed by Carolin Cruz

The magic of makeup

Contributed by Carolin Cruz