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The Art of Comedy

As a graduate of the Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center in Los Angeles in comedic improvisation, I have learned to appreciate the skill that it takes to be a great comedian. Some people are naturally funny without trying while others can study and practice stand up comedy and never get a laugh. It's the 'want to make people laugh' that is addictive to many comedians. Many suffer from depression.

Contributed by Brian Reynolds

Lego God

And thats how the Lego world was created!!

Contributed by Luis Galindo

"This summer, love is spelled with two I's." One of my favorites! He's been a comedy writer on shows like SNL for a long time, and his stand up is awesome!

Contributed by Rachel Peterson


Contributed by Kelly Biermann

Bo Burnham "What"

Contributed by Kelly Biermann

Insubordinate and churlish.

Contributed by Kelly Biermann

When love and skill are combined expect a masterpiece.

Contributed by Kelly Biermann

This is a HILARIOUS video that my siblings and I made together. We have a lot of fun making funny videos together! Oh! And they're clean videos!! Check it out!!

Contributed by Melody Callister

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